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Kitaro, Pages and Dara Sedaka "Angel Queen"
When I was child I love Kitaro music and Reiji Matsumoto works.
I listtend this song and movie sounds maybe 11 or 12 years old, I liked verry much.
After I knew Richard and Steve sung, verry surplised.

This TV show is a Japanese program called "Yoru-no-Hit studio(studio hit of the night)".
Called "Yoru-Hit" us.
Slug and Richard has appeared on this program as "Mr.Mister" several years later.
I was so crazy about them already this time, I was watching it as stick to man before of the TV.
At that Dara's appearance time.
She came to Japan for campaign theme song of the movie"1000-nen-jyou(1000 years Qween)", Dara Sedaka was singing in "Yoru-Hit" and "Music Fair"Japanese TV.
(I did not see the "Music Fair".)
Moderator said, "Tonight for this program,Mr.David Foster, Paiges, Mr.Michael Landau visited Japan!" , and my father was so excited to hear.
Of course, I did not know Pages, unfortunately at this time. Mumumumu.....(>_<)"""
But,for aduits(including my parents) , the college students, Pages were popular especially, work through David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Jay Graydon etc....
So, there are not a little Japanese "I saw Pages in motion for the first time in this Yoru-Hit!" .

September 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterKinuyo Koide