Richard Page is the lead singer of Mr. Mister and the classic #1 hit singles "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie."  He co-wrote Madonna's #1 hit "I'll Remember" and is an alum of the Ringo Starr All-Starr Band.

Richard's latest work is available at Richard Page Music and on iTunes.


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No CD?

A number of you have asked why there isn't a physical CD available for Richard's new holiday song collection "5 Songs For Christmas."  Two reasons, first, Richard only finished the project last week.  There simply wasn't time to go through a manufacturing cycle and still get the CDs to you for the holiday season.

The other reason is, because its a download, we were able to bundle the "I Always Cry At Christmas" video with it.  (At a vastly superior quality than the YouTube version, BTW...)

The downloads come in two versions, the standard def version is exactly the same as what's sold on iTunes (including a digital booklet and album artwork) and the high def version is exaclty the same quality as on a CD.  If you have iTunes or similar software on your PC or Mac, its really simple to create a playlist, drag the songs in, and burn a disk for your car of family gatherings.

Happy holidays,
Little Dume


Review of "Pull"



5 Songs For Christmas

Hi everyone, we'll be releasing Richard's holiday collection, "5 Songs For Christmas" this weekend on Little Dume.  It will include—well, five Chirstmas songs, four traditional plus "I Always Cry At Christmas", co-written by Richard and Grammy winning producer Walter Afanasieff.  As a bonus, we're also including the "I Always Cry At Christmas" live performance video and a beautiful companion digital booklet as part of the download.  (Yes, this project will be a download only.)  Meantime, you can check out one of the songs for free right now here.


The new Little Dume Recordings website is up and we're taking pre-orders for Mr. Mister's fourth album "Pull."

All CD sales come with a companion album download, so even though the CDs, autographed CDs and shirts won't ship until 11/23, you'll receive a download link on that same day to be able to download and hear the music on on your PC/Mac, iTunes or mobile device.

Thanks for your patience.  Richard, Pat and Steve asked me to pass along their hope that you like it.



D'oh! Another hold up.

Sorry everyone, we've had a manufacturing glitch—we will still be launching the new Little Dume site and releasing "Pull" in October—as promised—but we need a few more days.  Hopefully after 20 years, everyone will be okay with a few more days?  Thanks for your understanding.  -Rob


Pull Proof_sneak peek

We were at the manufacturer's warehouse to look at proofs for the album art.  Snagged a pic.  Check it out...(click to enlarge.)  Hopefully we'll be taking pre-orders at Little Dume next week!  -Rob


Pull Release Update

We had a Little Dume staff meeting last night with Richard.  A couple of things to tell you:

First of all, we’ll be taking pre-orders for Mr. Mister’s previously unreleased album, “Pull” next week at Little Dume Recordings.  The disks are being replicated right now.  The manufacturer asks to allow “up to three weeks” but its been our experience its usually much quicker than that.  As soon as they arrive they’ll ship without delay.

The “Misters” asked me to mention how much they appreciate your patience in waiting for this album.  Its taken a lot of effort to get it released and they sincerely hope you’ll find it was worth the wait.  I can tell you first hand, “Pull” is an amazing album.  It may be 20 years old, but it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday.

Besides the CD—which will feature the original artwork by Larry Vigon—we will also have some “Pull” tee-shirt options, plus copies autographed by Pat Mastelotto, Steve George and Richard.  (As many of you are aware, Steve Farris left the band before “Pull” was made.)

Last thing, Richard surprised us last night by telling us he’s working on a Christmas project and he hopes to have it finished in early November.  He played a couple of rough mixes for us and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Just beautiful.  As soon as he finishes it, we’ll make it available at Little Dume for the holiday season.

So that’s all I have to report.  Please, if you haven’t already, click “share” at the bottom of the free song widget below and share it with your friends and, most importantly, ask your friends to share it as well.  We have no big label money behind us—we’re working feverishly to track down Mr. Mister/Richard Page fans.  They’re out there, but they’ve been “asleep” for 20 years.  With your help, we can round them up.  (And if we round up enough of them, there may be some live dates in the future...)