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Thank's for posting those videos.. Mr. Mister was the first band I listend when I was only 10 year's old and was the first band I saw in Montreal (at "La Ronde").. with my parent's!!!! Ô my god!!! Very nice memories!!!!

Hope you're doing fine Mr. Page and sorry for my English, I'm French speaking!

Take care!

July 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIsabelle

I have listened to this song constantly since it came out-- and today, at the age of 33 I saw this video for the first time--ever. For over 25 years Id been listening to Kyrie, I had no idea you are as HOT as you are! (I sort of assumed you were going to look more or less like every other big hair, bad clothes and borderling on anorexic thin rock star from the 80s...how wrong I was..) Cant believe I grew up and lived through my 20s not knowing how beautiful you are on the outside as well!!

Youre voice has kept me company through the best and worst of times and will continue to! Thank you for the great music. My life is that much better for it!

February 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMako

The post is actually the freshest on this laudable subject. I harmonize with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to see your approaching updates.

December 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterabc

I remember. I used to listen these songs
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June 3, 2012 | Registered Commentermak capri

What an accomplishment - just so beyond what most bands would ever dream of. Wow Magic..

February 17, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Burgess

Such a beautiful creation! This song for me is a perfect marriage of melody, lyrics, vocals and performance! Your energy and obviously enjoyment in this video still blows me away! Your love for creating music and singing come out clearly here! Kudos to the powers who encouraged you to express yourself with such freedom! As much freedom as the machine would allow anyway. Love your new solo music also. Different energy; but still quality!

February 6, 2015 | Registered CommenterChristine Kiehl

memories. nice.

August 27, 2016 | Registered CommenterKris McAnelly
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