Aja's Baby Shower


Last Saturday we held a baby shower for my daughter Aja and her boyfriend Casey. Aja’s baby boy (yet unnamed) is due in November. We had perfect weather and the day was relaxed, with many of her oldest and best friends and family attending. It occurred to me that I had never been to a baby shower, mostly because I thought they were only for women, so this was my first…….and it was a lot of fun. Tai, my oldest son, was the MC and bartender. He did a great job calling baby bingo, baby trivia questions and other baby-themed games. James was in charge of photography and Alisha made sure everyone who brought diapers got a raffle ticket. Linda out did herself organizing every detail and I did my part by playing a few songs for everyone. We are so blessed to have another child coming into our lives. It is a special time for our family and I’m so looking forward to meeting my grandson very soon.

Cheers everybody,



Steely Dan Concert

Gotta say something about the Steely Dan concert I went to with some friends the other night at the Hollywood Bowl. One of the best shows I've seen and heard in a very long time. The songs......oh my, the songs. One great one after another......and they could've played another 2 hours and still not run out of amazing songs. And if you haven't checked out Keith Carlock on drums, you need to. This guy is the best of his generation and maybe beyond. @Freddie Washington on bass.....phenomenal. Donald Fagen hasn't lost a step vocally and the band was funky tight. At one point I thought I was levitating out of my seat! Could've been how much cannabis was in the air…….but I don’t think so. If you love great music played by stellar musicians......don't miss this! 

In the picture below, My oldest friend and Mr. Mister manager George Ghiz and I the other night.



Richard Practicing His Upright Bass Before the Ringo Tour.

This doll has a great story behind it. Years ago, when Mr. Mister was touring, it was very popular in Japan to give these dolls, which were likenesses of their favorite rock musicians as gifts. I've kept it all these years. The young girl who sent it also sent a poem, but because she had only a little understanding of English, it came out quite cryptic but also very beautiful in its sentiment. She wrote....."I saw such your nice, and give me something feeling that I was for the first time. Kyrie became a hot my body, and I cannot keep my foot and heart." So sweet. I still remember it word for word.




Goin' South is Goin'

Hi everyone,

Some of you have already ordered my new album Goin' South. I truly appreciate everyone's support. My son James and I have been busy trying to get the word out through social media about this album. If you feel compelled, please tell your friends about this as we don't have the support......and, often the disfunction of a record company, which has been really rewarding. James is so talented in so many ways that I'm not. What a great son I have. I'm very proud of the songs on this album and I always feel it's a special moment sending them out into the universe, just like when you send your children out into the world. You're a little scared, but also excited to see how they do. Enjoy my children ya'll. Hope all is well this new year.



Just leaving Biloxi, Mississippi.

Just leaving Biloxi, Mississippi. I always try to get a walk in wherever we are. Enjoyed the white sand beach before flying to Jacksonville Florida. The sand is so different than the S. Cal beaches I'm used to. Here's a shot looking back at The Hard Rock Casino and Hotel we played last night. Great crowd. They stood for the whole 2 hour plus show.