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Back Out With Ringo

Hi, So again I slink out if the shadows to say hello and let all of you good people know that I'm still here. Not that you were worried that I wasn't or anything.

I'm in São Paulo, Brazil again with Ringo. Bless him.......he hasn't gotten sick of me yet. Speaking of sick, I picked up a nasty cold on the flight over. We attended a wedding of my daughter's childhood best friend the night before and I felt it coming on, but instead of taking it easy, I went for the double shot of Patron thinking it would help.......it didn't. Oh well, a lesson still unlearned after so many years. Just praying I have enough voice to get through tonight's gig, then a day off and I should be fine.

Since I have so much undistracted time here in my hotel room being quiet and resting, I thought I'd say a bit about how amazed I am with the amount of affection I feel from the Facebook page
created by Nerys Wheatley. I finally found some time to take a look after brother Rob let me know about it. Wow.......so many things I'd forgotten about or had never seen. Pictures and links to YouTube videos, interviews, etc. Just an endless amount of stuff about my life that I could never have put together myself. There's even a shot of Linda and me at a restaurant with my first daughter Alisha that I don't have and have never seen. Karen George (I assume no relation to Steve) contributes the most stuff. She had to have spent hours finding all this. I'm amazed. The picture of my junior year high school concert choir (really goofy looking seventeen year old). I'm sure all of this is now findable on the Internet, but the shear amount of time it takes is impressive. And thanks for all the kind words you all have written. I'm humbled to know what I've done has touched so many. It truly makes the journey well worth it.

On another front, I'm very excited about some of the songs I wrote on my recent trip to Nashville. I will be looking into putting together an album of these songs in the coming year. I've found a somewhat effortless flow writing these songs. I guess you could call them country music, but to me, there's a blurred line between country music and pop music these days. In any case, I'm enjoying the process and think you all will like the results.

Again, much love to all and please enjoy each day you have been given. R