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Well, how's it going everyone? Goodeye to you from deawn undah!
We are about half way through this tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan and having a great time. I haven't been here since the Mr's played in 1986, I think. Maybe 87', oh well, it's been a while.

Australia reminds me a lot of California, especially S. California, the way it probably was fifty years ago. Similar geography and climate, except Australia is much cleaner and less populated then where I live. Unless I'm not seeing the more run down areas (which is likely since we stay in very ritzy hotels), Sydney and Melbourne both seem very nicely kept. The people are extremely friendly. Not always the case where I live...

Last night we played at Festival Hall where The Beatles played in 1964. The stage hasn't been replaced since then. Great crowd, but it's hot as hell down here right now. It's summer and Melbourne is having an unusual heat wave. It was close to 90 degrees at show time and there is no air conditioning in this very old venue. We all sweated together, audience and band. The up side is that we all lost a pound or two in the two hours we played. I could use it. All I've been doing is eating since I've been here it seems. Great food too. One more show here tonight and then off to Adelaide and Perth. Then we're in Japan for five shows.
Take care,