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RP Update

Hi all,
Yes, I'm still alive. Heart ticking, lungs pumping, etc. Not much to say. I am trying to remember the impermanent, illusory nature of things and not get too worked up over stuff that doesn't matter. A daunting task to say the least.

I've been doing quite a lot of writing. Believe it or not, I'm really having a great time writing some country songs. Focusing on story telling mostly. Enjoying it immensely. Seems like country music today is really just pop music with a pedal steel guitar and mandolin. Right in my wheelhouse. I will be sharing these songs with you all, or ya'll, at some point. First priority is getting these songs cut by current country artists, however, that won't stop me from sharing my versions with you when I get a few more written. I suppose I have some country 'street cred' in that I spent my first ten years in Montgomery, Alabama, although my memories are mostly of the church music I heard from being the child of two church musicians. Country music back then was pretty basic. My parents never would listen to it being the 'educated musicians' they were. I got hip to it in the seventies when The Eagles, Jackson Browne and others were doing their versions of it. Always loved the simplicity.
I'll be traveling to Nashville soon to do some co-writing with some of the writers down there. Looking forward to that. Then I'm off to S. America again with Ringo in November. Guess he hasn't gotten sick of me yet. Bless him.
Hope ya'll are having a great summer and things are reasonably calm in your lives.