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Here in Dallas 

Things have been going pretty well lately out here on the road with Ringo. But, there is this thing called impermanence, and as everything changes, we've hit a small bump in the road. Not a big deal, but several of us have come down with a pretty nasty sinus infection/cough/cold. Seems like every other day another guy gets it, and guess what, I've got it now. Sharing dressing rooms, our tight quarters on our plane, not to mention getting up close and personal while singing on the same microphone, its inevitable that we'd pass this around. Because I am super paranoid about my voice, this couldn't have come at a worse time. I'd rather suffer any other discomfort if it didn't effect my singing. I'd take a fever, chills, headache, lower GI issues, nausea, even a goiter....... you name it, rather than not be able to sing. Especially because my songs have some really high notes that are hard to reach when I'm handicapped with a sore throat. So, here in Dallas, a very good doctor just made a house call here at our hotel. Gave me a couple of shots that should get me back to normal by tonight's show. Thanks doc......the B12 just kicked in and I'm ready to go to the gym!