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Steely Dan Concert

Gotta say something about the Steely Dan concert I went to with some friends the other night at the Hollywood Bowl. One of the best shows I've seen and heard in a very long time. The songs......oh my, the songs. One great one after another......and they could've played another 2 hours and still not run out of amazing songs. And if you haven't checked out Keith Carlock on drums, you need to. This guy is the best of his generation and maybe beyond. @Freddie Washington on bass.....phenomenal. Donald Fagen hasn't lost a step vocally and the band was funky tight. At one point I thought I was levitating out of my seat! Could've been how much cannabis was in the air…….but I don’t think so. If you love great music played by stellar musicians......don't miss this! 

In the picture below, My oldest friend and Mr. Mister manager George Ghiz and I the other night.