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Aja's Baby Shower


Last Saturday we held a baby shower for my daughter Aja and her boyfriend Casey. Aja’s baby boy (yet unnamed) is due in November. We had perfect weather and the day was relaxed, with many of her oldest and best friends and family attending. It occurred to me that I had never been to a baby shower, mostly because I thought they were only for women, so this was my first…….and it was a lot of fun. Tai, my oldest son, was the MC and bartender. He did a great job calling baby bingo, baby trivia questions and other baby-themed games. James was in charge of photography and Alisha made sure everyone who brought diapers got a raffle ticket. Linda out did herself organizing every detail and I did my part by playing a few songs for everyone. We are so blessed to have another child coming into our lives. It is a special time for our family and I’m so looking forward to meeting my grandson very soon.

Cheers everybody,