Rehearsals, part 2

Enjoy playing and hanging out with Gary Wright. He and I have known each other for a long time but haven't spent a lot of time together. His songs ( Dream Weaver and My Love is Alive) are fun to play and I never realized how funky the grooves are. Gary has written and played keyboards on so many songs for other artist, including Ringo's and George Harrison's, who Gary was quite close with. They both were disciples of the same spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda. Great to hear stories about their lives.

Wally Palmar and his band The Romantics played a gig in Puerto Rico back in 1986 with Mr. Mister so we have some connection. The bass line in Talking In Your Sleep is fun to play and What I Like About You is just 'pedal to the metal' rock and roll. Totally different music for me, but a blast to play. That one is right up Ringo's ally. More later....... 



Band is getting tighter everyday. I haven't really played bass much since the Mr. Mister days so it's slow coming back. I was pretty nervous about how I'd do at first, but it all seems to be working.

Edgar, Rick Derringer and Greg Bissonette are all monsters......and oh yeah, there's Ringo, so I wasn't sure how I'd fit in. Actually, they're all so good I don't have to worry so much. Rick's playing is just so cool. He's got the blues stuff down (that's what he's known for) but he has so much more depth musically. I'd forgotten how amazing Greg is. He's worked for me couple of times in the past and his groove is unmatched, plus he plays the authentic feel of each song so well. Ringo still plays his ass off. What a feel. He came up with a really cool part to play on Broken Wings along with what Greg's playing (basically Pat's part) that work perfectly. For my part, singing and playing that bass part is a challenge, but it's sounding better and better. Rehearsal just ended and I'm to eat. More later........ 


update from the road

Ringo is keeping everyone in stitches. The guy is really funny. We're having a great time learning everyone's tunes. Edgar Winter is one of those guys who hears everything and points out what's not right with what we're playing. I thought I knew all the harmony parts for Yellow Submarine but Edgar showed us the correct parts John and Paul sang on the record. Something I never heard before. Cool.

Meeting and working with Edgar has been great. I wish Steve George could be here. He was always into Edgar Winter ever since we first met. He even had the same moog, alto sax. They're a lot a like. Very precise musicians who hear everything that's going on. Amazing talent. If you can catch one of these shows, you'd really get a lot out of it. 


Hi everyone, welcome...

Hope this message finds you all in good health and somewhat satisfied with the way your lives are going. With the help of some very creative people who still think that what I do is relevant enough to share with the world, I make my first blog entry on the new and improved richardpagemusic website. My brother Rob, who is indefatigable, has spent countless hours putting this site together and I want to thank him here first. Now Rob, I know that when we were kids, I could be an extremely annoying older brother, so I’m happy to see that you haven’t too many scars from that and glad that you’ve apparently forgotten all this (senility perhaps) and seem to be taking some weird pleasure in trying to make me look good, which is a tall order by the way. Thanks bro.

I want to take a minute to mention two other guys who are helping with this. First is my oldest of friends, George Ghiz, who managed my career for many years. George and I go back to elementary school days in Phoenix when I had just moved there from Santa Monica, Ca. George and I became best friends immediately upon my arrival. After a good month of goofing off in the hot Arizona sun, he was off to summer camp and asked if I would take over his paper route (remember those?). I accepted with enthusiasm, and promptly screwed up his whole enterprise by throwing newspapers into the wrong yards and spending all the money I collected from his customers on Tootsie Rolls and Babie Ruth bars. When George returned from camp, he had an epiphany. One, don’t let some kid he didn’t really know take on his business………..and two, this kid needed a manager.  With a few of the other neighborhood kids, we put together a band. Because I could play music slightly better than I could deliver newspapers, and because George wasn’t as good a guitar player as he was a business guy, a life long partnership was born. Its good to work with people you’ve spent most of your life with and I appreciate his loyalty.

Next is my friend, Richard Gibbs. Rich and I actually met surfing here in Malibu. He is a neighbor and our kids attended school together. Richard is a very talented film composer, producer and a former member of the band Oingo Boingo. We come from similar backgrounds as we both came up in the studio scene as hired musicians. Years ago, we would pass each other as he was leaving a tracking date and I would be coming in to sing and arrange background vocals. Over the years, we talked many times about collaborating on something, but never really put it together……..until now. Richard has one of the premier home studios, The Woodshed Recorder, here or anywhere else as far as I’m concerned. We have similar musical tastes and are now just beginning a new Richard Page solo album. I’m very excited about this. We’ve booked my old buddies, Vinnie Caliuta and Luis Conte on drums and percussion. Kevin McCormick on bass, James Harrah on guitar and several others yet to be named. This, along with the upcoming Ringo and the All Starrs tour, should be quite an interesting return for me.

I’m thankful to all the fans who’ve encouraged me to continue making music and I’m grateful to my wife, family and friends who have put up with my addiction to this self indulgence for so many years. I humbly hope that maybe there is some benefit to all this. More to come.

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