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Canadian Shows

Richard will be playing two concerts in the Toronto area in July. First at The Empire Theater on Tuesday, July 10th with A Flock of Seagulls and then at Rock the Park Music Festival’s Mixtape Rewind on Thursday the 12th. 
Joining him onstage will be some local musicians who are well known Toronto area players. Drummer Mark Kelso, Sam Pomanti on keys and guitarist Bob McAlpine. 
This will be a first for Richard, stepping away from Ringo’s All Starr Band, which he was a member of for the last eight years. “I’m excited to challenge myself, taking the stage without the support of the All Starrs (Steve Lukather, Greg Rollie and Todd Rundgren, and of course the legend, Ringo).” I’ll be playing not just the Mr.Mister hit songs, Broken Wings, Kyrie and Is It Love, but going deeper into some of the less known album cuts from Welcome to the Real World.” 
Richard will also be performing the hit song I’ll Remember, which he co-wrote with Madonna and Patrick Leonard. “I’ve only done that one acoustically in the past. Playing it with this band will be interesting and since it was such a big hit for Madonna, I think people will like hearing my take on it.”

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  1. We can’t wait to see you back in London on July 12!! Thrilled to hear you will be playing some deeper cuts from “Welcome”!! Saw Mr. Mister when you played the city in 1985 as part of the “WTTRW Tour” and have vivid memories of the show. (I was in Grade 9, and I remember the next day at school it seemed as if half the school was wearing shirts from the concert!) Hoping for some type of Meet and Greet opportunity as I would love to be able to take a pic and have you sign my album (yes… and actual album!) 🙂
    Welcome back to London Richard!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see you back in London, ON July 12 Richard!! I think this will be your 1st time back since Mr. Mister played in London back in 1985 on the “Welcome to the Real World” Tour. I was in Grade 9 and went to the show. I remember the day after it seemed that half of the school was wearing Mr. Mister shirts from the show! (I still have mine!!) Are there any M&G opportunities available for the July 12 show? Would love to take a pic and have you sign my album (Yes… album!) 🙂 . Really excited to hear you will be exploring some deeper cuts from WTTRW. Super excited for the show!!
    Welcome back to London! We are excited to have you with us again.

  3. I hope you will venture out to Ohio sometime soon. My son, daughter and I would love to here you sing again in person. My husband who passed away a year and a half ago was one of longest fans as we are still. Hope you are enjoying being a grandpa. As I am as a grandma.

  4. Oh how I would love to go but not in the cards budget or time wise. Dies this mean you are thinking of going out on your own for other tours? I’m all for that!!!!

  5. Hey Richard, I have been listening to your Mr. Mister songs lately on my computer, and they bring back such memories! Who knew the internet could be so wonderful? While listening to Kyrie over and over again, I started reading about you and your life and bands….who knew! I fell in “love” with you back in the late 80’s and think I still am! You have such an amazing voice and spirit. I hear you live up in Malibu, while I’m just down the coast here in Redondo Beach. I’ve been on Medicare for about 5 yrs. now, so welcome to the “club”! Gee you weren’t much younger than I was way back then, and I would lay on the floor with earphones on, so I wouldn’t miss a sound, and play you over and over and over. God bless you for your gift and God bless your family….Rock On!!

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