Richard Page Music - Richard Page is the lead singer of Mr. Mister and the classic #1 hit singles "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie."

Piano Sessions

I’m working on some piano/vocal renditions of songs I’ve written and recorded and one other classic that I didn’t write, but love. This should be posted soon.

Keep an eye out for it and please take good care of each other.

I hope everyone is getting along as well as can be expected through all of the unprecedented events the world is experiencing right now.
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3 Mr. Mister PULL Songs

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Thirty-five years ago, around this time, Broken Wings was #1on Billboard’s Hot 100. Seems like another lifetime now, but for those of you who have remained fans of our music, we thought this would be a good time to let you know about something we’ve been working on.

My apologies to all who are interested in both Mr. Mister and my solo career for not being more of a social media guy. I just haven’t found the inspiration to share much of my life across the cyber universe like others do. But today is a new day and lo and behold, I have something to share.

Not long ago, as I was looking through old emails with the intention of deleting many of them, I came across something from Pat Mastelotto with the title, “Lost Songs.” As I remember, we had considered resurrecting some of the discarded songs from the album PULL with the intention of either adding them to the album before its much overdue release, or releasing them as a new EP on its own, knowing that our most loyal fans would love it. 

As it turned out, there were quite a few “Lost Songs.” Some of them were structurally developed to a point; others were just bad; still others were pretty good but missing something: a lyric that needed reworking or re-imagining completely, a melody that didn’t deliver, or other issues that made us abandon them back in 1989 when we were choosing which songs would appear on PULL. Of that group of songs, three stuck out to us as being the best of the lot. 

So we decided to find the master recordings of the three songs, transfer them to digital, and start working on them again. But when we tried to get the original two-inch tapes—yes, we were still using magnetic tape then—from Sony, we realized that the process we would have to go through to do that would be way too daunting to take on. 

For those of you who don’t know, two-inch tape breaks down (degrades) over time. So many years had passed since we’d made these recordings, and the tapes were old and fragile. In order to preserve the quality of the recordings, the tapes would have to be ‘baked,’—literally baked in a convection oven at 150 degrees for three to eight hours—then cooled to the temperature of the control room environment before the music could be transferred to digital. Since we don’t technically own the master tapes (Sony does), and therefore don’t have access to them, Sony offered to send them out to have this process done. But when we realized how much it would cost us, the idea ended there.

But not quite. Undeterred, we dug deeper and discovered that three of the songs had already been transferred to digital, even though none of us could remember when or why. And then this: call it kismet, synchronicity, or luck of the draw, we discovered that the three songs already in digital form just happened to be the three we all thought were the best.

Let’s go song by song:

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Three New Mr. Mister Songs

Three New Mr. Mister Songs
Richard, Steve and Pat are re-recording three songs from the PULL era. These three, Slip Through My Fingers, Wheel of Life and Faith Unbroken, were in contention for the PULL album, but for various reasons they were left off. Richard says, “I always loved something about each one of these songs, but we just couldn’t get them to the point where we were all on board, so they fell by the wayside.” The boys have been busy sending audio files back and forth since they live in different parts of the country. They also brought in Tim Pierce and Luis Conte on guitar and percussion. “It’s been interesting recording this way, where we’re communicating over the Internet rather than being in the studio together. It seems to be working really well”. John Lang, who contributed lyrics to all the Mr albums, is involved as well, tweaking the songs with Richard. Mr. Mister’s fans will surely be excited to hear these ‘lost gems’. A release date hasn’t been confirmed, but keep an eye out for it.



David Pack’s Legends Live will co-headline the inaugural TrouBeliever Festival, taking place at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Huntsville, UT on August 4th.

David Pack (former lead singer of Ambrosia,) will be joined by Jim Peterik (Ides of March/.38 Special, and formerly of Survivor,) John Elefante (former lead singer of Kansas,) and Richard Page (former lead singer of Mr. Mister, also Ringo’s All Starr Band for 7 years) along with a superstar band and backing singers.

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell co-headline this outdoor festival celebrating the craft of songwriting and performing, which was written up on May 4 in Rolling Stone. Also performing – Monty Powell, Anna Wilson, Shawn Colvin, and many more. See festival poster below. David Pack’s Legends Live hit the stage at 5:45pm.

Tickets on-sale at

TrouBeliever Festival Flyer 2018

Canadian Shows

Richard will be playing two concerts in the Toronto area in July. First at The Empire Theater on Tuesday, July 10th with A Flock of Seagulls and then at Rock the Park Music Festival’s Mixtape Rewind on Thursday the 12th. 
Joining him onstage will be some local musicians who are well known Toronto area players. Drummer Mark Kelso, Sam Pomanti on keys and guitarist Bob McAlpine. 
This will be a first for Richard, stepping away from Ringo’s All Starr Band, which he was a member of for the last eight years. “I’m excited to challenge myself, taking the stage without the support of the All Starrs (Steve Lukather, Greg Rollie and Todd Rundgren, and of course the legend, Ringo).” I’ll be playing not just the Mr.Mister hit songs, Broken Wings, Kyrie and Is It Love, but going deeper into some of the less known album cuts from Welcome to the Real World.” 
Richard will also be performing the hit song I’ll Remember, which he co-wrote with Madonna and Patrick Leonard. “I’ve only done that one acoustically in the past. Playing it with this band will be interesting and since it was such a big hit for Madonna, I think people will like hearing my take on it.”

Dominican Republic

Richard will also be traveling to the Dominican Republic and performing at 80’s in the Sand, a week long musical experience featuring other artists of that era, John Waite, The Romantics, Bret Michaels, Berlin and many more. This will be held at Breathless-Punta Cana Resort on the beach November 3rd through the 10th. “Looking forward to this gig,” Richard says, “I love the tropics. Ringo and the All Starrs played there a few years ago and it was such a great place to play.”