Back In The Day

Richard Page & Steve George Garage Band

This is a shot of Steve George and Richard circa mid 70’s in a rented house on Sancola Street in N. Hollywood. The “studio” was a converted garage whose walls were covered in second hand carpet, taken from a large garbage bin behind a local carpet store. This was used carpet the installation crews took out of the homes they were putting new carpet in. But hey, the price was right! To hide the stains, they covered the carpet with tapestries. Brilliant.

The boys had saved up enough money to buy a Teac reel to reel four track tape recorder, which was the top of the line piece of gear for songwriters and artist trying to get their songs recorded somewhat professionally in those days. You could actually overdub vocals, keyboards and guitars by bouncing down tracks. These “sessions” not only gave Rich and Steve some valuable experience, but also allowed them to come up with song demos that got some attention from industry people that lead to future record deals. So that “studio” was a wise investment.

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