The Misters – Fall 2010

Mr. Mister's on the beach

This is a rare shot of Richard, Steve George and Pat Mastelotto together walking on the beach near Richard’s home. The guys got together to video a short interview about the making of the final and unreleased Mister album PULL. That video can be seen here.

Since it was ‘shelved’ in 1989 by their record company RCA (which now is part of Sony Music), there was a loud outcry for its release by loyal fans. After much wrangling with Sony, the album was released on Little Dume Recordings in CD format. Sony retains the digital rights.

The album, which many think is the bands most original, stretches the boundaries of the perceived pop/rock style Mr. Mister was most known for. The album is a hybrid of synth, percussion, guitar and layered vocals, reflecting the band’s multi-genre influences. Mixing jazz, latin, folk and straight-ahead rock into a mind bending collection of songs, the final album shows the diversity of its members and is a journey into their musical souls.

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