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Three New Mr. Mister Songs

Three New Mr. Mister Songs
Richard, Steve and Pat are re-recording three songs from the PULL era. These three, Slip Through My Fingers, Wheel of Life and Faith Unbroken, were in contention for the PULL album, but for various reasons they were left off. Richard says, “I always loved something about each one of these songs, but we just couldn’t get them to the point where we were all on board, so they fell by the wayside.” The boys have been busy sending audio files back and forth since they live in different parts of the country. They also brought in Tim Pierce and Luis Conte on guitar and percussion. “It’s been interesting recording this way, where we’re communicating over the Internet rather than being in the studio together. It seems to be working really well”. John Lang, who contributed lyrics to all the Mr albums, is involved as well, tweaking the songs with Richard. Mr. Mister’s fans will surely be excited to hear these ‘lost gems’. A release date hasn’t been confirmed, but keep an eye out for it.

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  1. Oh boy – that makes this fan from the UK extremely happy!! Absolutely loved Pull once it was finally released on CD and can’t wait for these new songs. Fantastic idea!

  2. This is thrilling news for all those fans who’ve been waiting patiently for something new / something real of their favourite band! Can’t wait to hear the re-recorded versions!
    Best regards,

  3. I am so glad that you guys are back together again. Look forward to the release. The names of the songs sound great. Godspeed.

  4. Wow! Maybe you guys can keep going…. write and record 6 or 7 more via web collaboration and release a new Mr Mister album of songs. I’m so excited to hear these.

  5. R.P.: I’ve always had the suspicion that the three of you would once again record together…I’ve waited SUCH a long time for this to occur, and now this project is coming to fruition! So looking forward to it’s release…A buddy of mine, Scott Scooter Nelson (Palm Springs) records and shares files with his friend Billy Barber (NYC) via the internet. They’ve been doing this for the past several years as Half Nelson Media. Very successful venture for them. On another unrelated note, I hope that you, your family, your friends & property are safe and unharmed during the current wildfires ravaging Malibu and the rest of Cali.
    God bless, Marsha Berndt

  6. I saw Richard when he toured thru San Antonio, TX with Ringo. I was blessed to go with my late husband who grew up with him and was even able to meet him personally. Not only was his voice spectacular and he out sang everyone in the band (who were still phenomenal) but he truly seemed to be a nice guy. I hope that you will consider bringing the band up to cold country (Neenah, WI to be specific 😉) one day. It would be lovely to hear that beautiful voice again one day!

  7. I had just picked up the 2015 Rock Candy remastered and reloaded versions of Real World & Go On this week primarily for the bonus content. Checked in with the website to see what was new and wham: three new songs coming !!!! Had no idea there were songs left over from PULL era. Can’t wait.

  8. Exciting news Richard…now you guys just need to put a few more new tunes together to complete an album right? How hard could that be? You 3 must each have a few tunes rattling around somewhere that you could build into something great! No sweat.
    How amazing would a comeback be 33 years later?
    I have loved you guys, and all you represent all these many seasons of my life, starting college in ’85, seeing you perform an astounding and passionate performance in Providence RI in ’86, and going with me on my journey. Now 51 with 4 amazing children who also love and appreciate your brilliant artistry as your solo albums and the Misters have gone with us on every family car trip.
    And speaking of cars, I have a question I have been dying to know since the summer of 1988…is there any chance that you were driving a silver/gray Jaguar that year. Long story, short-I was on my only trip in my life to Cali, driving through Malibu up the PC Highway, looked over to my right and would swear on my life that I saw you driving that Jag! This was in the heyday of my fandom and I was blown away…to compare, maybe like when you were 20 getting to pull up alongside Paul McCartney or something!
    It would be amazing if you could answer that one for me…either way.
    God Bless you, your family, and the guys in the band. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Page and thanks for all the wonderful musical joy and memories.
    Your loyal lifetime fan forever,
    Russ Hart- History teacher- Sterling, CT

  9. Glad you are still making music! I have been listening to your music since I was 5 years old, since 1985. I’ve always loved Richard Page. Keeping my hopes up that he will contact me via email.

  10. Omg John lang what a inspiration xx clever thinking xx can not wait for your new material I’m such a huge fan of your good self and Mr.lang too. You both have inspired myself to write please please please never give up writing , mental health work that you do and most importantly never give up dancing you really are food for thought and good for the soul thank you woohoo much for making my day love hugs and all the best xxxxxxoooooooo

  11. How are things going with these 3 songs? Can’t wait to hear them! My hope & dream is that you can perform Pull in its entirety live someday. Wouldn’t that be something?!

  12. Hi Richard,
    Just found out about this fab news watching a Tim Pierce video when the two of you lay down fantastic guitar parts for a couple of these songs. When will we be blessed to hear the songs in their full versions?

    All the best
    Jonas from Sweden

  13. Hi Richard
    Any news on the release of the new Mr Mister tracks ? Really looking forward to hearing them. Also any ideas if you’re going to tour the UK. Actually another question too 😀 I love shelter me which I bought on the day of release many moons ago, but is there any thoughts of putting it on Apple Music so I can play it in the car please? Many thanks for years of entertainment

  14. I love this group!! It was a big hit with me. I brought the album & cassette!! Still play it to this day

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