Broken Wings – Music Video

If you were to ask the four members of the band and all who were associated with them when making this now iconic video, none of them would’ve predicted its massive success. The prevailing thought was that this was a very special song and if given the chance might resonate with a broad audience. But no one could’ve guessed how broad it would become. MTV, which was just hitting its stride as the most popular television channel for young music fans in 1985-86, was all over this video. The song reached #1 across the globe along with the album Welcome to the Real World which also hit the #1 spot. Welcome to the Real World is one of very few rock albums to have two #1 hits while the album was also #1.

Oley Sassone, the video’s director came to the band with his concept of a young man looking for something; his reason for living perhaps, a woman he’d lost, or for the reason why that hawk kept flying over his head. The Tango dancers are still a mystery, but hey, it was the 80’s and videos didn’t have to mean anything really. I was up to the viewer to decide. The point was that somehow it became incredibly popular and to this day, if you were alive and listen and appreciated music in the mid-80’s you couldn’t escape this song and video.

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